Lakeview students prepare to ring in the new year.


Lauren Barnovsky, Reporter

     As December continues on, the world is getting closer to 2017. In less than two weeks, that ball will drop and the people of Earth will once again brave their way into the promise of a new year. Many have been reflecting on everything that transpired throughout the course of 2016, the good and the bad. One of the most inspirational parts of a new year is making a new year’s resolution, which gives someone the opportunity to make a better year for themselves than they had last year. While there are many things that people can put in their resolutions, whether it be a long list or a solitary promise, it was uncertain what kind of resolutions Lakeview High School students were putting on their lists.

     After surveying students from freshmen to seniors on new year’s resolution, a range of answers can be found. Many students from each grade responded with such niceties as “do better in school” and “lead a healthier lifestyle.” A large number of those surveyed responded with “stay positive” and “be happy.”

     Other responses are designed to prevent possible doom such as one senior’s hopeful resolution to “just graduate.”

     Some were serious while others verged on comical. One freshman hopes to “play 100 hours of video games a week” and one junior wants to “memorize all of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.”

     When looking past the more light-hearted responses, the majority of those surveyed hope to lead a better lifestyle in 2017, whether it’s in school, health, mental health, personal health, or in time with their friends. As we continue to head into Christmas break, and inevitably the new year, Lakeview High School is going towards it hopeful for happier and healthier lives.