2019 Sr. Top Dog: Annamarie Paolucci


Breanna Hipkins, Reporter

Anyone that knows Lakeview High School senior Annamarie Paolucci know she’s all about band and soccer. This year she was the captain of the girl’s varsity soccer team and tried to pull the team together in order to make a good season.

Paolucci states that “our easy game schedule caused us to wriggle in the tournament.”

The girl’s varsity team was made it to the second round of tournaments and unfortunately lost, but as Paolucci explained, she was just happy to be playing with everyone her last year and bringing everyone closer on and off the field.

Although soccer was a big part of her Senior Year, she is also going to miss marching on Friday nights for band.

Not only are sports and band a big part of Paolucci’s life, but so is school overall. She is in Sr. Beta Club, National Honor Society, Band Council, and Executive Committee.

Not only is she actively involved in school now, but she also plans to attend college once she graduates.

Paolucci says, “After high school I plan on pursuing my career as a physical therapist. I would like to travel the world to gain appreciation for my surroundings and where I come from.”

Paolucci will graduate with honors and will continue to do amazing things in college and in her life.