2020 Top Dog: Rocco Bruno


Madison Harvey, Reporter

Senior Rocco Bruno has been a part of the Bulldog family his whole life. He is a highly respected individual by his teachers and peers. Bruno is currently the Senior Executive Committee’s president and has been for the past two years.

I asked Bruno if he has changed anything throughout the Lakeview campus and he responded, “No, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to change. Students have to bring a concern to me so I can then inform administration on the problems at hand.” 

Bruno is also involved in many other clubs including National Honor Society, Senior Beta Club and Spanish Club freshmen and sophomore year. He even won awards such as Spanish Student of the Year, and came in third place twice at Beta Convention.

He also volunteers his time at a hospital as well as a church. Bruno spends his time at St. Joe’s outpatient surgery. He has volunteered for the past two years. While there he helps transport beds, help with patient charting, cleaning and stocking rooms, and informing patients families. At the church he helps to maintain the church grounds and helps work spaghetti dinners.

Although Bruno is still weighing his options, he has recently been accepted to the University of Toledo, Seton Hall University, and Youngstown State University Pre-Med Biology. He is still waiting to hear back from other universities as well. He plans to major in Biology so he can eventually become a Physician.

When asked what his advice to the underclassmen would be, Bruno responded, “Just keep swimming.”

Bruno will be missed by many students and faculty as he begins to tackle the bright future ahead of him next fall.