2020 Top Dog: Megan Cross


Madison Harvey, Reporter

Senior Megan Cross has been a Bulldog for the past 13 years. She is known to be caring, funny, and very outgoing. Cross is very hard working in the classroom as well as in the sports she competes in. She is very excited for her fast approaching future as she nears the end of her senior year.

Cross commented, “I’m excited to meet new people, not that I don’t love the friends I have, I’m just ready to meet new friends.” 

Cross began taking CCP classes her junior year. She competed classes such as College Writing 1 and Art History. This year Cross stepped her game up and took a full schedule of College Credit Plus classes. She is now working on competing College Algebra, Environmental Science, College Writing 2, and many more.

Tennis and bowling have become very important to Cross. She began tennis during sophomore year and bowling her freshmen year. Cross excelled in both and ended up receiving a varsity letter in each. She recently helped the Bowldogs make it to districts.

Cross has recently decided to spend her next four years at Akron University. While there she plans on majoring in social work. She has been set on majoring in social work from a young age.

Cross said, “Growing up my mom always taught me to be caring and help other people and I felt like social work would be the perfect thing for me to help all types of people.” 

Cross has a very bright future ahead of her.