Boys Basketball Blocked Until January


Nate Fox, Reporter

As you may know, winter sports have been put on hold due to the rise in Covid cases in the community. Obviously, this affects the boy’s basketball team as they are set to be delayed until January. 

The boys were heavily engaged in practice before the outbreak and were practicing 6 days a week and even had some scrimmages. I asked Senior Brendon Kilpatrick how he felt the season had gone so far before being postponed and he said, “I felt we improved a lot from last year, and was very excited for our upcoming season. The cancellation scared me a bit.” Obviously, he is looking forward to this season and hopes he can experience his senior year in full effect.

It is clear that this is not how the team wanted their season to play out but it is out of their control. I also asked Junior Colton Maiorca how he feels about the cancellation and his first season at Lakeview and he said, “I was excited to start at a new school and experience a new program. From what I experienced so far, I had a good feeling going forward. It’s obviously not what we wanted but we’ll abide by the guidelines and be hopeful for a future.” This is Colton’s first year at Lakeview.

As of now, the team is expected to resume activity on December 22 and start playing their games in early January. There is no true definition to the type of schedule they will play yet, but it is expected to be a conference only regular-season schedule. No matter the type of season that happens, the team is looking forward to making it a good one and they are excited for what is to come.