2021 Top Dog: Austin Evans


Daniel Boyle, Reporter

Austin Evans, is one of the class of 2021 seniors. Austin has a couple of plans for life after high school graduation.

One of these plans is to attend the college of Toledo to major in computer engineering. As the countdown to graduation continues, Austin is choosing between two of the best-known universities for engineering. His backup plan is a similar degree at Cleveland State.

Evans made the most of his high school years. He is a very smart individual, he has a high score of 28 on the national act. Evans was a member of the football and track team freshman and sophomore year. He has taken a great number of college credit plus credit courses. He has taken writing 1 along with writing 2. Evan’s classes also vary from environmental bio, American government, chem 1, weather, investigations, and microeconomics. 

With the brains he has, Evans has always been fascinated with computers. He has actually built his own gaming computer all by himself. With having so much knowledge about computers he figured why not go for a degree in a field he’s been involved in for years now. 

If you want to take all those college classes you have to be willing to put in the work, Evans’ girlfriend and classmate Anna Peterson said, “I think Austin is extremely hard working in and out of school. If he doesn’t understand something he put in a lot of effort until he does. I know that he’ll be successful after graduation and with what he purses after college.”

As a long time friend and peer of Austin Evans I have a bunch of faith knowing he will be very successful in life.