2021 Top Dog: Mara Crish


Marianna Franco, reporter

Senior Mara Crish has been a Bulldog her whole life. Crish is known for her outgoing and very funny personality. Throughout the years, Crish has always been a hard-working student. Although her senior year did not go as planned and she doesn’t want it to end, Crish cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

Throughout Crish’s time here at Lakeview High School, she has been a part of the volleyball and girl’s basketball team. She also accomplished being a three year letter winner in both of them!

Crish said, “Lakeview volleyball has a special place in my heart and will forever be my favorite part of high school. I couldn’t thank my team and coaches enough for making it such a fun time. Having only one favorite memory is quite difficult to choose, but a few might be when we won the Perry tournament sophomore year, laughing every day at practice with Anna Peterson, Coach Guthrie, and Coach Lytle, going to the YSU camp my sophomore and junior year, and finally being the first Lakeview volleyball team to go to districts. I especially love the last memory because we were told that we weren’t supposed to be that good this year, and we proved them wrong for sure. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of such a great thing. I can’t wait to watch that team grow into a powerful team. #4 out!”

Although Crish was not really into many other clubs, she was a member of Exec her junior year. Unfortunately she was unable to be a part of it as a senior; but Crish explained that “Exec was the best time and probably the highlight of my junior year. All of my friends got in and I am still able to hear about all of the fun things we have planned for our last year!” 

As we know the class of 2021 has been dealing with many frustrating times due to Covid-19. But Crish won’t let that destroy her senior year and  is still trying to make the best of it! She emphasized that “with Covid-19 completely destroying my senior year it really does upset me but I will try and push through. Of course this is not what I had planned when I was a freshman but I am really trying to have a good time with my friends for the short amount of time we have left. I really wish that it did not feel like the class of 2021 was getting pushed aside; but I am grateful that some of the teachers are caring! ” 

After graduating from Lakeview High School, Crish has made the decision and plans on attending Youngstown State University and majoring in business and minor in photography. Of course her plans are not set in stone yet and she may change her mind. 

Crish will be missed by so many of her classmates and underclassmen that she has created great friendships with as she brings the next chapter of her life and education! Lakeview HIgh School could not be more proud of her and what she had accomplished so far. Everyone can’t wait to see what she accomplished in the near future. 

If I could tell the underclassmen anything, it would be that high school FLIES by so do not blink and have the time of your life before you have actual responsibilities. Also make sure that you buy a disposable camera, don’t let all of your memories die. MARA CRISH OUT!