2021 Top Dog: Hunter Miller


Emily Roper, Reporter

Hunter Miller has attended Lakeview Elementary School, Lakeview Middle School, and is currently enrolled in his senior year at Lakeview High School. Having attended Lakeview his whole life, Hunter has had plenty of time to make himself prominent in the classroom and on the field. 

Miller is currently sitting on 13 years of soccer experience. During high school, he became a four-year letterman. His determination and hard work did not go unnoticed. After coming out of a few dilemmas such as losing 12 seniors and gaining a new coach in the 2019 season, Miller still had a positive outlook in his senior year. He was determined to  make the best of it.

Miller made the best of the season because, “some players we hadn’t played with in quite a few years returned and made our senior year special.”

In his free time, Miller likes hanging out and going fishing with his friends. He believes that friendships are important to a happy life. 

Miller is undecided on his path after high school, leaving the possibility of a trade school in the air, but we know whichever path Miller takes he will crush.

Best of luck Hunter! Lakeview will miss you.