The Lady Bulldogs Overcome Obstacles


Tara Lytle and Erica Giesey

The 2021-2022 Volleyball season started off with a two-loss streak which is not what the Bulldogs hoped for. After a hard-working pre-season that has prepared them for greatness, the Bulldogs used these losses as motivation and are currently on a 5 game winning streak.

With covid-19 difficulties, the Bulldogs have been seeing change. While playing they are required to wear masks, have missed a game, and have missed out on a few team dinners. Even though they have been seeing these changes they still have a strong mentality which has been very helpful. They have been winning and are planning on keeping their winning streak and going far into the season. 

Senior Carly Hawn said, “I’m very proud of our team for overcoming the obstacles and I’m very excited for my senior year. I am happy to be playing with my team for one last year.” 

While having a winning streak is very exciting, the Lady Bulldogs have also broken Jefferson’s winning streak in a tough match ending in 5 sets. This has put the team to be 3rd in the conference and they expect to keep climbing. 

Junior Hayden Rozzo, who is a fan of the Bulldogs, said, “I am very excited to have the student section back at the volleyball games. I love cheering on the team as they are very hardworking.” 

Everyone is very excited to see the student section as we didn’t have one last year. It is what makes high school exciting. The Bulldogs are very excited to see how far they go this year and are looking forward to the upcoming competition.