2022 Top Dawg: Carly Hawn

Isabella Shuster, Reporter

Lakeview let’s welcome our newest Sr. Spotlight, Carly Hawn. Hawn is an extraordinary student and person altogether. She has always had astounding grades and a great drive. Carly is a great athlete participating on the volleyball team and being a majorette all four years. We hate to see her leave in a few months.

When asked about Carly people only had good things to say about her.

She’s one of those friends that you can count on. Whenever anyone’s having a bad day she’s always the first to make them laugh” said Senior Teagan Pierce.  Everyone loves and appreciates Carly and her amazing sense of humor and laugh. 

Hawn was chosen to be the most successful out of her class. Her future plans at the moment are to major in biology at either Ohio University or the University of Cincinnati. She will do great things with whatever she chooses. 

I have no idea what I’m doing.” Carly Hawn. 

She has great advice to give out to younger classmates saying “Take advantage of the time you have. Make as many friends as you can and try as many new things as possible. You never know when those opportunities could be taken away.” 

I wish I knew how to dress myself because I looked so embarrassing.” This is one thing that Carly wishes she knew before freshman year. 

Hawn is looking forward to all of the senior activities such as the senior nights for sports and the senior superlatives. Her favorite part of senior year so far has been homecoming and everything leading up to it. 

If Carly wasn’t in the classroom she was creating chaos with her friends in the hallways bothering others in class. She will miss the people the most “We’ll all go our separate ways, but I will miss the sense of unity our class has.

She would also go on adventures with senior Evan Lenox saying “we hunted the great beast of Dunkerton” Carly’s senior year has been full of nothing but excitement and fun.

Carly got most of her inspiration from her classmates and especially Mr. Murphy. When asked who her favorite teacher is she says “Probably Mr. Murphy because he really helped me get through junior year. Also he likes Rocket League.

She says that friends also helped her throughout junior year by taking her mind off of all the stress and stopping her from skipping out on classes. 

We wish Carly nothing but the best with whatever she chooses to do in the next chapter in her life.