2022 Top Dog: Cal Rinck


Maddie Mathews, Reporter

Senior Cal Rinck is planning on attending Akron University for a business management degree with a minor in accounting. There he will continue his hockey career for the next 4 years. He has been at Lakeview all his life, with the exception of his junior year he went online to focus on hockey.

Though two years of Rinck’s high school experience was cut short due to covid, he says “I wouldn’t do anything differently. I have had an amazing time in high school.” His time in high school was filled with good memories and amazing friends that will last a lifetime. Rinck said that one thing he will always remember was  the football games every Friday night in fall.”

Throughout high school, you meet many people that affect your life in good and bad ways. One person that Rinck said majorly affected his life was Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson coached 3 of Cals baseball season, making a close bond between the two.

But along with Rinck’s life being affected, he affected others too. Senior Noah White, Rinck’s best friend, said “If I found myself in the middle of the sea, Cal is the type of person to sail around the world to find me. I had the privilege of being close with Cal and I could not think of a better way to describe him. He is the type of person that will always be there for you no matter what, and Lakeview won’t be the same without someone like Cal.”

One thing Rinck is looking forward to is his senior prom, along with many of his peers. He said, Last year’s prom was very different and senior prom is obviously more special too.”

Though there are many ups during senior year, there are also some downs. One difficult thing about a senior year for Rinck was finding the inspiration to do homework. Before this year, I didn’t think senioritis was really a big deal but it is a real thing and I just do not feel as engaged in my classes as I have in years past.”

When Rinck was asked one piece of advice that he could give the underclassmen, he said Get involved in as many clubs and activities as you can. Don’t spend all your time at high school in your house.”

Finally, I asked Rinck how he felt about starting a new huge chapter in his life, he said he was “excited to see what that can bring to my life but I am honestly scared to leave everything behind here.”

Everyone at Lakeview wishes Rinck the best of luck in his future endeavors!