2022 Top Dog: Landon Farr


Zach Sulc, Reporter

Senior Landon Farr has definitely raised the bars here at Lakeview High School. He is an outstanding student-athlete and a perfect role model for the students coming into the school every year. With time enclosing on his senior year, he recaps on his time spent here at Lakeview and the memories that came with it.

Farr has been a student at Lakeview since fifth grade when he transitioned over from Austintown and has always played a part in setting a good impression on who we are. Throughout his career here, he has been a member of the cross country team up until his senior year, a track and field runner all throughout high school and participated in soccer his senior year.

On top of these activities he managed to balance his school work too, taking 15 college level classes over the course of his career at Lakeview, and making his way onto the Presidents list at YSU recently.

Farr is a very social kid and brings out the excitement in everyone and everything he does. He adds on about his favorite highlight of the year so far and stated, The biggest highlight is the friends I made at the start and how much fun it has been to be able to spend one last year of Highschool with them.” 

A couple close friends of his wanted to add onto this statement about their feelings towards Farr. 

Senior Kylie Matteotti added, “Landon is a very energetic and smart person who can make anyone around him laugh and have a good time, he’s the best person to brighten up your day. He also has a very dedicated and hardworking attitude on the track and in school.”

Senior Eva Reebel also said, “Landon has always been dedicated to his work, and has maintained a passion for what he enjoys, such as sports and science. He is a great person around because of his humor. Overall, Landon is devoted to becoming the best version of himself.”

When we asked Farr about his favorite school memory, he stated My favorite sports memory was probably going down to Columbus my sophomore year to watch Nate Charnas run in the state meet.”

In addition to that, one thing that he will remember most about High School is, My senior year of soccer, I had a lot of fun and worked really hard by staying after practices to eventually earn the starting spot.” 

With his senior year coming to an end, Farr was asked about what events he was looking forward to the most at the beginning of the school year and he states, I think I’m most excited for the senior car parade around the school. It’s nothing too crazy but I remember every year watching it.” 

With a lot on his plate now, Farr is just looking to graduate and move onto the next chapter of his life. Here’s what he had to say. The most difficult part is not just throwing in the towel and not fully trying for the last semester.” 

Farr’s looking forward to college and whatever else has to come. While still undetermined but aiming for Division 1 schools, these are his plans post-high school. I am planning on going to school to become a Pharmacist. I am excited for the change but also nervous at the same time.” Farr has the strengths, motivation, and drive to be a very successful man. 

Lastly, he wanted to add a piece of advice for the underclassman stating, I would tell the underclassman that they need to appreciate all the classes they have friends in, and to try and do as much as they can outside of school.”

We wish him the best and good luck in the future. And as always, “It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!”