Lakeview Girls Soccer Hope for a Successful Season


Stasia Hall and Lexi Busefink

The Lakeview Lady Bulldogs Soccer team is hopeful they can finish this season with a successful record. They hope to go far and do well in tournaments. The team has lost a few seniors but gained a decent amount of freshmen.

Last year was a rebuilding year, and a year for learning and figuring things out. This year, after putting in a lot of time and work into preseason, it will hopefully pay off.

Senior Captain Alex Piaquadio is proud to say “We have improved so much from last year and we have a lot of talent.” Piaquadio also believes, “this season is going great so far.

The girls worked very hard during the preseason. They were up early sometimes at 8 a.m conditioning and getting ready for the season. The girls had a tough week of conditioning called the gauntlet. The gauntlet included hardcore running and challenges to kick off the season.

The team competed in tournaments, and scrimmages and managed to be very successful. Their success was a glimpse of what the season would look like and made a lot of people excited. The girls were all very eager to start their games and finally get going on the season.

So far, the Lakeview Girls Soccer team is undefeated. They have played seven games so far. Out of those seven games, they won six and finished with a tie for one game against Niles. This record is looking very good. They will continue on and play some of the same teams again.

Although the Lakeview Girls Soccer team is doing very well, they are soon to be going up against some good teams that will be tough competitive games. Poland is one of them. Poland is also having a very successful season so far so it will definitely be a battle for both teams.

Lakeview was ranked 14th in the state for recent pollings from a few past games. This is huge for Lakeview, and they hope they can move up as they continue to play more games. Poland was another team ranked in the state for our area, which once again adds to the competitiveness.

The team has also moved down divisions and will now compete in a different district for tournaments. They are now division three, which could allow for Lakeview to be considered one of the top teams in the division.

This looks different than last year, and the teams they will face will now be different. It would be amazing to see the team make it out of the districts and move on to regionals. However, they will face competitive teams so this could be challenging, but definitely possible.

Many members of the team are very excited about the season. Sophomore Ava Hipple is very proud of how well this season is going so far. She says, “As a team we have accomplished so much more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Hipple believes the team has been successful because of all the work they have put in, and how “everyone is working together as a team”.

Sophomore Lorallei Lowe a new addition to the team and the school says, “It’s been super positive and the team is nice.” Lowe also believes that the team is on their way for a successful season.

Overall, the Lakeview Girls Soccer team is very excited and hopeful for the rest of the season. They have had a lot of fun and our very happy in the success they have had. The Lady Bulldogs will continue on with the rest of their season.