2023 Top Dog: Avery Jones


Michael Burns, Reporter

Senior Avery Jones has managed to survive her entire school career here at Lakeview, being a Bulldog since she was in kindergarten. However, she also managed to thrive, being a part of the LHS Bulldog cheer team, and an accomplished and unforgettable member of the choir and drama club.

Despite the many years served at Lakeview High School, Jones will always remember one moment, that being her “first time singing The National Anthem at a basketball game.Great job, Avery! Though, she’ll also remember the school social event she thought was best, that being “senior hoco.

However, Jones has her sights set on her bright future, telling us she is “more excited” than nervous to graduate.

It makes sense that she would be less nervous, as she told us that “the way the last 2 years at Lakeview were structured has helped me prepare for how college will be structured.

Lakeview will be sad to see Jones go, and we hope we’re glad to have left her with something to miss as well, as Jones said she will miss “cheer” most about Lakeview.

After high school, Jones already has her next target locked. That being “getting a degree in PreK-5th education, and hopefully focusing on a music career.” We look forward to seeing your name in headlines in the future, Avery

Hopefully, Jones will be able to use her skills to overcome future obstacles, just like the biggest ones she’s faced at Lakeview, that being “getting back into a normal learning environment after a year of virtual”. I’m sure we can all relate to that.

In tandem with her ability to overcome obstacles, Jones believes her biggest strengths lie in “having at least 2 electives per semester.” She also believes that her extra-curricular activities “helped [her] branch out and make different friends, and some even impacted what [she] wants to do with [her] life.

When asked how her senior year was faring out for her, Jones said, “It was actually much easier than anticipated.

And when asked what she would like to tell her freshman self, she told us, “Study, you won’t but it would be nice to hear it.

Jones uses that humorous stance when asked what advice she would give to freshman students, telling them to “walk better in the halls.” We agree, Avery.

When asked what had the biggest impact on her in choosing her future, Jones told us that her job as “a lifeguard” impacted her the most.

And when asked what kept her working hard throughout school, Jones replied that her “friends that were clearly doing better than me” kept her going. This is in line with her response when asked how some of the people she’s encountered impacted her life, saying that “it’s hard to pinpoint specific people, but so many individuals were better than me. Which encouraged me to do better, because I’m naturally competitive.

Though, when confronted with the future, Jones said she sees herself doing “student teaching and most likely still lifeguarding during summers” in 5 years, and having “a stable teaching job and doing something involving music during the summers” in 10 years.

All in all, Avery Jones’ future seems very bright, and it’s no doubt that Lakeview will miss her once she’s graduated. Her sense of humor and positive attitude will be hard to replace, but we know it’ll guide her on the path to success.

Good luck, Avery, your future is lucky to have you!