Top Dog 2023: Hayden Rozzo


Caitlin Mark, reporter

As students settle into their second semester and seniors soak in their last few moments left at Lakeview, senior Hayden Rozzo is enjoying his last months as a Bulldog. Rozzo is eager to move on to his next chapter in life after attending the same school district since kindergarten.

Rozzo spent most of his time on the basketball court or running laps on the track. While he enjoyed performing in both sports, Rozzo said, “I think track is going to one of the main things I miss about high school. I really want to make my senior year count, I have a lot to look forward to this upcoming season.” 

His fourth year of track will consist of a jam-packed schedule from pole vault to long jump and even a few relays.

Rozzo didn’t decide to pole vault until his junior year, and he stepped in after a teammate suffered from an injury and was no longer able to vault the remainder of the year. Pole vault was no problem for Rozzo and he picked up the skills quickly, but shortly vaulting became a sport he had discovered sooner.

Along with pole vault, golf is another sport Rozzo wished he had gone for sooner. When asked why he never went out for golf during his high school career he said, “It never really crossed my mind, I was always busy with work and I didn’t start messing around with it till last summer. I also realized I was a decent golf player during the summer but it was already too late.” 

Most students you talk to will tell you their after school plans are continuing their education at a college of their choice or trade school, but that is not the case for Rozzo. After receiving his diploma this May he plans on joining the workers union to advance a career in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Another four years of school never excited Rozzo and neither did the idea of debt. Rozzo said, “Certain classes like math just overwhelmed me and I just was never a big fan of school. Nothing at college really spoke to me, but doing hvac is something I find really interesting and useful to get a job in.” Rozzo said he will stay in the area for some time, but eventually he wants to head south in the future.

Rozzo has been making the most of his senior year, it’s actually been his favorite out of the four. He talked about how senior year has just been care-free for him and he thinks it will be fun to graduate and start his future. On the other hand, junior year was not the same for Rozzo. He talked about his third year of high school and said, “If I could describe last year it would be mind altering. I don’t know, it just wasn’t an easy year overall and I really made some poor decisions I regret.” But in the end school wasn’t so terrible for Rozzo.

Some of his favorite moments were in Mr. Murphy’s chemistry class and he really enjoyed freshman homecoming. Rozzo has made the most out of his high school career and created some even better friendships along the way.

We wish you the best of luck Hayden! Make the most out of the time you have left here at Lakeview!