Cheering the Bulldogs on Through the Season


Brianna Wistar, Reporter

With spring quickly approaching, Bulldog boys basketball is rapidly approaching its end. The Bulldogs have been challenged with many close scores and intense games this year with their varsity record being 3-19. Two of the previous winning games was their first game of the season against Champion and their sixth game of the season against Hubbard. The Bulldogs most recently won their third game on Tuesday, February 14th, their last home game of the season against McDonald with a score of 60-55.

Despite the record, this has not discouraged or impeded the support and hopes of the team and the Bulldog community. Hard work has  persistently been shown throughout the 2022-2023 season as the team has came together and put their best effort into each game with high hopes, perseverance, and work-ethic. 

Although the basketball season did not go perfectly, the Bulldog community and student section still showed their unconditional support. This year, the student section supported all of the games home and away, with many fun themes and chants for the game to cheer on the Bulldogs. 

Senior Student Section Leader, Mason Littleton says, “I love going to support my fellow seniors and classmates at basketball games and I feel like the student section brings a competitive energy to every game.”

Senior Luke Canzonetta also attended many games in the student section as he says, “The games are super fun to go to. Being there supporting my classmates and cheering them on is super enjoyable.”

Senior Sydney Peterson says, “I love going to support our team and also cheer along with my other friends. It is a great way to show our school spirit and hang out together!”

Along with the student section’s support, the Lakeview cheerleaders also proudly cheered for the Bulldogs at each game. This year along with cheering, the Bulldog cheerleaders also showcased several halftime performances with one correlating with the student section’s theme, glow in the dark. At this halftime performance, glow sticks and neon lit up the dark gym as the cheerleaders performed.

Sophomore varsity cheerleader, Adrienne Rich says, “I have had so much fun cheering with all the seniors this year. It is going to be so hard to see them leave and not have them cheering on the court with me next year!”

This year the boys basketball team has three seniors on the varsity team. On the varsity cheer team, there are nine senior cheerleaders and one sophomore cheerleader. As the seniors took in the last few home games, they were recognized at Lakeview’s home game on February 7th, also known as senior night. On senior night, the senior basketball players and cheerleaders were escorted across the basketball court before the game with their family as their future plans were announced. 

Senior varsity basketball player Hayden Rozzo says that although “ the season did not go exactly as we planned, we still made sure to have a great time” as they went throughout their season. The basketball team undeniably throughout the season has created many memories as they bonded and supported each other through each game. 

Photographer and Lakeview Senior Ella Chadwick has been at many games capturing all of the moments at the games. Chadwick says, “I really enjoy taking pictures during the basketball season, especially taking action shots” as she captured the joyful cheerleaders, an invested student section, and the determined Bulldogs on the court.

As the seniors enjoy the last bit of the season, as of right now the Bulldogs get to play one last time in an away tournament game next Tuesday, February 21st, at Mooney. Good luck, Bulldogs!