Top Dog 2023: Izzi Petrilla


Ella Chadwick, Reporter

Senior Izzi Petrilla is nearing the end of her years here at Lakeview High School. Petrilla has grown up a Bulldog and went to Lakeview schools her whole life. Since Kindergarten Petrilla has been able to create lasting memories and friendships with others that have always gone to Lakeview. As Petrilla moves onto her next steps she plans on attending University of Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve University, or the University at Buffalo to major in Neuroscience. 

Petrilla has kept busy throughout the years with being a member of many clubs and taking many college classes as well as making time to hangout with her friends. Petrilla is a member of 4-H, Sr. BETA (Vice President), Student Council (secretary), Prep Bowl. While being such an involved member of the student body Petrilla has been able to also keep a high GPA. 

Petrilla has taken many hard classes and has had to come over many obstacles throughout taking those classes. 

Petrilla said her hardest obstacle to overcome was, “My hip surgeries. I had hip surgery in Freshman year and again in Junior year. I missed a lot of school and it was hard to maintain my GPA but all my teachers did everything to help me stay caught up!”

Junior year she took college Chem I and II so with missing some school and it overall being a hard class she said it’s the hardest class she took throughout high school. 

Petrilla said, “There were a lot of stressful days. But I definitely had the best time with Maggie Pavlansky in there!!”

Petrilla has worked through some hard classes but always makes sure to enjoy what’s happening around her and to make time with her friends. One of her favorite memories was junior prom with all her friends. Petrilla finds the time to be involved and get involved with student life. 

Petrilla said, “Junior Prom was my favorite! I was on exec so I helped set up and it was so fun to see how it came together. I also had the best time dancing with my friends!”

Petrilla said she’s going to miss, “Seeing my best friends! I’ll miss all the adventures with Ella Chadwick and Kylie Schwartz. And having classes with Maggie Pavlansky! We definitely have some crazy stories. And most of all I’ll miss seeing my sister throughout the school day!”

Petrilla is moving onto big things. We are wishing Senior Izzi Petrilla the best of luck!