Top Dog 2023: Ella Chadwick


Gianna Caruso, Reporter

Senior  Ella Chadwick had called Lakeview Schools home since kindergarten. As she prepares for graduation, she has many memories of Lakeview to look back on.

When asked about her favorite year at Lakeview High School, Chadwick stated, “My favorite year was junior year because the dances were really fun junior year, and I really liked football season.”

Chadwick’s favorite social event was “Junior homecoming, everyone that went was really fun, and the new middle school building was very nice with air conditioning.”

If she could, she would “ redo sophomore year. This whole year was really ruined because of covid, so I wish I could redo it without covid happening.”

Chadwick also kept herself very busy while at Lakeview. She played volleyball for two years and softball for four years. She has also been very active in Senior Beta, NHS, youth-led prevention, Spanish club, and 12-6 club. 

When asked what advice she had for her freshman self and the young Bulldogs in our schools, Chadwick said she would tell them to “go to as many events as possible and participate in student life. Don’t forget to put the time and effort into your schoolwork but do not miss out on the chance to enjoy high school life.”

Looking back on her classes, Chadwick commented that her most challenging class was also her favorite class. “My favorite class was calculus because I loved everyone in my class, and Mrs. Miller is my favorite teacher, but it had hard concepts to understand. Mrs. Miller was always there for us, and she really cared about us understanding the concepts in her classes. Overall, she was an amazing teacher.”

She also stated that what kept her working hard and doing her best was “The fear of getting a bad grade kept me working hard.”

Chadwick’s biggest obstacle that she had to overcome in high school was getting herself to school, but she considered it a big win when she made it with her Dunkin’ order on time. And she has been quite shocked at how easy her senior year has been going.

With her future in sight, Chadwick applied and was accepted to Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, and Miami University of Ohio. Although she has not decided on a major, Chadwick will attend Miami University. Family was a deciding factor in her decision to attend Miami University. 

Chadwick is very excited about graduation, and she looks forward to being five hours away from home even though she will miss her friends. “I will miss Kylie and Izzi the most. They have been the most fun people to be around throughout my high school years so far, and I love getting to hang out with them all the time, so I will miss that.”

After college, Chadwick said, “in five years, I hope to be out of Ohio somewhere warmer, and in ten years, I hope to be doing well in whatever career I choose and have a house of my own.”

Over the last four years at Lakeview High School, Chadwick was most proud of how outgoing she became. “I have become a little more outgoing, and I enjoy going out and doing things more than I did at the start of my freshman year.”

Your Bulldog family is proud of all you have accomplished during your years here in the Lakeview Local School district. We will miss seeing you on the sidelines of many sporting events taking pictures with your dad. Everyone has truly appreciated the time you and your dad spent helping to preserve the memories for Lakeview.  We wish you the best of luck in your future.