Top Dog 2023: Cierra Davis


Hayden Rozzo, Reporter

Senior Cierra Davis is nearing the end of her time at Lakeview High School. Davis has grown up a Bulldog as she has been going to Lakeview since kindergarten, she has made many lasting friendships and memories inside and outside of Lakeview. As Davis continues on she plans to attend either YSU or Cleveland State to study art and design.

Davis stayed busy throughout the years playing two sports and making new friends along the way. She competed on the swim team and ran track.

I’d say all of us have had to deal with some tough times these past four years and Davis is no exception.

Davis said her hardest obstacle to overcome was, “Always trying to stay on top of things.”

Even though it was hard Davis managed to stay on top of her work even during covid and while playing sports.

Davis said her best strength was, Being able to keep on top of things and not fall behind, I would and will not let myself dig a deeper hole.”

Davis made a lot of new friends that she sees sticking around for the future during her senior year and has been putting in the work with her academics.

Davis said her favorite year of high school was her senior year, Just because of the people and because I’m doing a lot better academically.”

Davis was in the marching band and enjoyed seeing all the support for the football team, she loved seeing the school spirit and enjoying the nice days.

Davis has made a lot of friends at Lakeview but no one compares to her best friend Alissa.

Davis said, I’ve encountered a lot of people through high school. There are so many friend groups and different types of people. I’ve been through lots of friend groups since school. But senior year is when I met some of the best people and they’ve made me the person I am today. I’ve met so many online friends as well, and they are also people that have impacted my life a lot. My best friend, Alissa, has been there more me for everything this past year. We enjoy each other’s company and we go everywhere together. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Davis has been impacted by Lakeview in many ways with new friends and many other things but one of the biggest impacts during her four years here is a big one.

Davis said one thing she will never forget, Is the pandemic, Covid-19 shut down schools and we worked from home. I grew distant from so many people and that’s something that I’ll never forget.”

Davis, like many others, is nervous to graduate and move on to the next chapter but with her strong work ethic were all sure she’ll do great things.

Good Luck Cierra!