Top Dog 2023: Luke Canzonetta


Daylen Chapman, Reporter

Luke Canzonetta is a senior attending Lakeview high school and has been at Lakeview schools almost his whole life. Canzonetta went to Warren city schools for a few years; he said, “I had bounced back and forth for a few years between Warren city schools and Lakeview but I have primarily been at Lakeview my whole life.” 

Canzonetta has played football, basketball, and baseball throughout his high school career but this is just the start of a great chapter for him. Canzonetta is very excited to start his life after high school. However, he will miss his friends and teachers.

Canzonetta says what he will miss most about Lakeview is “seeing my friends and teachers everyday that I have known for years.” 

Canzonetta’s biggest commitment was football. He played cornerback and wide receiver as a three year letter winner. Canzonetta was one of the team captains for the 2022-2023 season.

Canzonetta says, “I fell in love with football as soon as I found it. I started playing flag football around age 9 and since then it has been the primary focus of my life. I begged my dad to let me play tackle for years until he finally let me start in 7h grade and the rest is history.”

In week 4 Canzonetta had the game sealing interception against Niles. Canzonetta says, “It was the greatest feeling I have ever felt, it’s a moment I will never forget.” 

After high school Canzonetta plans to study exercise science in college and then hopefully opening a gym later on in his life. He got accepted into Muskingum, Marietta, Kent State, and YSU. Canzonetta is still undecided at the moment.

As a high school athlete Canzonetta took that risk of getting injured and unfortunately one of his biggest obstacles in his school life was his knee injury sophomore year.

Canzonetta says, one of the worst things you can do is injure your knees. My sophomore year I tore my meniscus and it was harder than it should have been to come back from it.”

If Canzonetta could talk to his freshman self he would say, appreciate what you have. I would also say to enjoy the time with your friends while you still have it.”

Going through school you can take many things for granted. As a young adult you just want to get out of school so most of the time students don’t think straight. As a senior Canzonetta wants to leave the young classes with some advice to guide them through.

Canzonetta says,Do not be lazy in school, if a teacher offers you time in class to get work done just get it done. I say this because most of the time you can get your “homework” done in school and it gives you more time to do things that you want to do instead of always having to get work done at home.”

In 5 years, Canzonetta sees himself graduating from college and finding his first real life job in his career. In ten years Canzonetta hopes to have his own home as well as having a successful career and even possibly having his own family.

Canzonetta is very thankful for all the opportunities Lakeview has presented to him and he his so thankful for his coach Chris Romano. Romano was his position coach and ran the off season liftings which allowed them to build a connection that helped Canzonettas performance during the games.

Canzonetta is very excited to start his new life and meet new people but he will never forget all the memories and time he has spent at Lakeview High School.

Lakeview is wishing you good luck Luke!