Top Dog 2023: Stasia Hall


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

Senior Stasia Hall is excited as she is closing her chapter here at Lakeview High School and is ready to begin a new one. Hall has attended Lakeview since she was in kindergarten. She has made many memories that she will take with her on her next journey. Hall plans to attend Youngstown State and major in Biology for pre-dentistry. 

Hall has been a hard worker all throughout high school and managed to balance her academics with her sports. Hall was a 4-year Varsity letter soccer winner, as well as Track and Field. Hall was able to win Districts in her senior year of soccer. Hall has had a successful track record, as she has run at regionals multiple times, and even had the chance to run at state on the four-by-one-hundred-meter relay team. 

Hall almost chose a different route and a different college. Her successful track season almost persuaded her to continue it at the college level. Hall says, I was going to go to college to run track but I figured it was too much money. So I didn’t.” 

Sports mean a lot to Hall, and she has put a lot of time and effort into them. Competing in sports has made her time at Lakeview extremely enjoyable and fun. When asked what Hall will miss most she says, “I will miss playing sports. I think that sports had a big impact on me and I fell in love with competing in sports.”

A specific sports memory Hall won’t forget is the “gauntlet” on the soccer team. The gauntlet was a week of conditioning mixed with team bonding. Hall explains, “The gauntlet was so much fun as an underclassman and fun to get older and watch the incoming underclassman have the same experience.” 

Hall gives credit to her dad when choosing her future. She believes, “He always pushes me to succeed in life and influences me to try really hard to be successful.”

Hall does push through and gives effort to all she does. She takes CCP courses and feels they have helped her prepare for college in many different ways. Hall wants to eventually have her own practice in dentistry and is eager to be successful. 

Hall’s favorite high school year was Junior Year because “our grade was trying to become more involved in supporting our school sports.” Hall is proud of the increase in school spirit and is very proud to be a Bulldog. Her favorite class was Mr. Murphy’s class because “I always had a good time in his class and was surrounded by some of my best friends.” Her favorite high school event was Senior homecoming because “It was different to no longer be the underclassmen there and it felt so much more fun.”

Hall would tell her freshman self, “I would tell her to try harder for her grades. That GPA matters to college.” This was something she figured out slightly later in her high school years, and it started to click that everything was going toward her future. Hall worked hard to get good grades and maintain a good GPA because she knew how important it was.

Apart from sports and academics, Hall works at Tj Maxx and believes she has gained more confidence. Hall thinks she has changed from the beginning of high school to the end. She says, “I have become more confident over the years. I think especially from being in a communications class and working at Tj Maxx because I’m always having to talk to people and customer service.” 

Hall has made many memories and will cherish every single one of them. She is excited to take the next steps of her future, but there is no doubt she won’t forget all her moments as a student at Lakeview High School. Hall is forever thankful of all the opportunities she was given and all the friendships she has created.