Lakeview Juniors and Seniors Visit Air base


On Friday September 28th those interested in pursuing a career in a field offered at the Vienna Air Force Base. During this field trip students were given the opportunity to learn more about the Air Force Reserve and talk to people both serving in active duty and those who were only in the reserve.

The very first thing the students visiting the Air Base toured was a C-130 cargo airplane as well as discussing the technicality’s and differences of joining the Reserve opposed to active duty. Students also were given the opportunity to enter the cockpit of these massive aircraft and learn how they work and the history behind them.

Shortly after touring the C-130 cargo plane the students loaded back onto the bus and took a comfy bus ride over to the fire station at the base to learn about the men and women serving the that department. The group was broken up into three groups of about 10 students each whom would go to different vehicles inside the station. The student were allowed to enter the vehicles and ask the men and women on duty about the vehicles and their use.

Many of the students found this field trip to be a great experience and learned so much about the reserve and how their future career could be directly affected in a positive way by joining the Reserve.

Senior Lake-view student Carter Gregory had this to say, “I really enjoyed the experience and now I have a good idea about the details of joining the Air Force Reserve and if I do ever feel like joining I now know everything ill need to know”.

To be sure the students who attended the field trip very much enjoyed it and learned something new that could benefit them while pursuing a career in the future.