“Sadness” Flash Fiction

Lawrence Champ, Class of 2019


I walk into my house i see emptiness in my room and all others except one, in that room is my mother, sitting down, crying, I try to comfort her saying everything’s alright but she doesn’t respond to my words, frustrated i walk out and see multiple police and ambulance vehicles flashing their lights, some are leaving, some stay to converse with each other i walk towards an officer asking if he could help me with something real quick but he also doesn’t respond to my words. Even more angered i walk down the road even more and i find that someone had crashed into a tree. I run yelling for the police, again they don’t respond, but as i reach into the car to find what lies a terrible realization…..I was in the car, dead. All of a sudden everything flashed back to me, i was asked to go to a friends house for a party and as i recall i had a few drinks and then….nothing….weird, i don’t remember leaving the house or even picking up my car keys. As i walk back to the house with the sad realization in my head i go back to the police officers and i overhear their conversation, “..shame that kids these days have no common sense when it comes to alcohol.”, “yeah” said the other police officer, “These kids don’t see the negative side of alcohol they only see the fun, party, happy side of alcohol and don’t realize the things that happen because of it”, I feel as if i am swaddled by chains as i walk back into the house i take a long look around the house as if i’m moving away for a long time. I go back to my mother and sit next to her and try to help her feel as if i’m still here but i hear the sound of the fire engine coming to take my body out of the car so as i realize my time is coming so i stay with my mother as i slowly fade.