Outrageous Vending Machine Prices


Keeley Painter, Reporter

An issue that has recently been brought up around the school is vending machine prices. The prices for chips, popcorn, Rice Krispies Treats, Pop Tarts etc. has gone up in price at least 25 cents. This change in price has caused anger among the student body because we do not want to pay more for snacks everyday.

We, as students, work hard all day at school and sometimes we get hungry and want a snack. However, we do not want to pay the ridiculous price of 75 cents for a small bag of chips that was once 50 cents. The worst part of this all is that a bag of Pop Tarts now only has one Pop Tart in the bag instead of two.

If the vending machines prices are going to rise then they could at least give us two Pop Tarts. I speak on behalf of the rest of the school when I say that the prices in the vending machine need to go back down and another Pop Tart needs to be added to the bag.

I also talked to a couple of my peers around the school.

“The vending machine prices make me angry because they are too high in price” -Carina Nicholas, Junior

“My job doesn’t pay enough for these prices, I have a car payment to uphold!” -Sydnie Dorma, Senior

“It’s not fair that they raised the prices because now we can’t have an even amount of coins” -Ashley Grossman, Senior

“The prices can definitely be lower” -Ryan Lopuchovsky, Senior