What is the Bulldog’s favorite Christmas Cookie?


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

Christmas time is here which also means it is cookies season as well.  Baking inside the homes of Lakeview students is in full effect. This time of year brings a lot of joy while baking many kinds of Christmas cookies. The holiday season is all about spending time with your family. A good way to do so is by making Christmas cookies with your grandma, grandpa, mom, or dad. It doesn’t matter who, just spend some quality family time during the long Christmas break.

When asked if students plan on helping bake this year, 64.3% of the respondents said yes, they plan on baking or either helping bake cookies this year. While 29.6% said they may bake cookies this year.

Of course, this had to be turned into a competition. Students were asked who in the family makes the best Christmas cookies and what do they make.

Senior Haley Turner was proud of her own cookies and said, “I make the best cookies because I am the only one who makes them. I make lemon drop cookies and peanut butter cookies.” 

While Senior Olivia Yuhas gave the best cookie over to her grandma and said, “My grandma used to make the best and most cookies I’ve ever tasted in my life. She made the largest variety of cookies around so no one was left out.” 

Many students were asked individually what their favorite cookies were.

Junior Elizabeth Johnson said, “While many of the cookies listed above are definitely top tier, I have to say for the Christmas specific season, my favorite is sour cream drops. One, it’s just simply because they are really good, and two, because I’ve been making them with my grandmother for the past three or four years.” 

Additionally, Freshman Chelsea Dean said, “I love chocolate chip cookies the most because they are really easy to make and taste really good.”

Senior Nick Dorma has a different response compared to others. When asked about his favorite Christmas cookie he said, “I do not have a favorite type, I just like the ones that are shaped like my favorite video game… Fortnite.” 

Lastly, the whole reason for this article was to inform people of what Lakeview’s favorite Christmas cookie was. After the survey, 46.5% of the responses said chocolate chip cookie which means the Bulldogs favorite Christmas cookie is a classic chocolate chip cookie. Surprisingly, coming in second place with 36.6% of the votes is sugar cookies.

Lakeview will be going on break in just 2 days for their long 18-day Christmas break that extends till January 5th. Have a safe and healthy holiday season. From the LHS Publications class to you, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and many, many cookies!