Societal Outrage Turns the Tide on the Tidepod Challenge


Hunter Dickson, reporter / editor

The Tidepod Challenge is a horrible phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Adults and children alike who have participated in the challenge have fallen victim to peer pressure and the fallacy of testing one’s toughness as they swallow the multicolored, bite-sized commodities.  Other challenges have come into fruition over the years like the Eraser Challenge, a contest to see how long a person can stand grating off flesh of a target area repeatedly, and the Fluffy Bunny Challenge where contestants stuff their cheeks full of marshmallows and attempt to choke out the phrase ‘fluffy bunny.’ People have died from foolhardy challenges of ignorance and blatant stupidity, and yet new contests seem to be created as time passes. Where is the end to the madness? Are the participants in the challenges the select few who crave danger in order to survive, or are there other factors like peer pressure and a general lack of knowledge on the dangers of such challenges. Nevertheless, if you haven’t picked up on the message of the article, dear reader, please don’t eat Tidepods on account of them not being food but man-made chemicals for the purpose of cleansing laundry. Some individuals like the staff of Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York have made light of the Tidepod Challenge with the mockery of their creative pizza as an edible alternative, but it is no laughing matter. The Tidepod Challenge and anything of the like is dangerous and leaves this reporter shaking his head.