Students Request More Time For Lunch


Aliyah Jackson and Bailee Yale

Many Lakeview students believe lunch should be expanded.

One request is to allow open lunch for every junior who is able to drive, not just to seniors.

A second request is to allow all seniors to combine open lunch with an open studyhall so that students can have more time for lunch. Currently, CCP students who have a studyhall scheduled before their lunch period or after their lunch period may leave school for about an hour and a half. That lunch option should be open to all seniors because we all work hard on our own level, especially with it being our senior year.  We are more stressed than we have ever been.

We understand this is a privilege and not a right, but we still believe people who aren’t CCP should have those rights especially other seniors.

Bailee and I talked to some of our fellow peers Lincoln White, Charlie File, and Dawson Brown who are not in CCP and they all said “we need more time.” We agree because some people feel rushed eating their lunch in half an hour especially if they’re going home. Not everyone can afford to eat lunch out or in the cafeteria every day, so they have no choice but to eat at home and then they’re rushed to eat and get back here before the bell rings. Thirty minutes isn’t enough time to eat a whole meal.

Junior Sydney Whipkey said, “I feel juniors who park in the Walmart lot should be able to go to open lunch regardless of being a CCP student or not.”