Senior’s Offer Thoughts on Their Last Homecoming


Brandon Hatfield, Reporter

For the past 3 years the class of 2020 was in the back of the dance floor, but this year they were the center of attention for their last fall dance.

With a helpful change of DJ, from JDub of 101.1 to Joshua Murphy, Lakeview chemistry teacher, many seniors favored the change.

Senior Isaac Russo joked, “Better music, better theme, better decorations, Papa Johns.”

Others agreed with him.

Senior Gabe Senkowitz stated, “Murph was a much better DJ than JDub ever was.”

Still others felt the overall atmosphere was improved.

Senior Maddy Harvey claimed, “This year’s homecoming was by far the best.”

The majority of the dance was upbeat and positive, although there were a few moments when students expressed their displeasure about a few things.

Sebastian Nutter exclaimed, “Underclassmen should know their place and be respectful to their peers that spent 4 years working towards this point.”

In addition, most seniors are still in disagreement over senior song selection.

All around most seniors were pleased with their final homecoming and it’s safe to say that Murphy can free up his time to be available for future homecomings.